1. Creatives will forever say its about the Big Idea and how that idea sparks other creative outlets for the brand to build upon.
  2. Strategy will forever ideate looking for that one perfect insight that will make the creatives swoon and the clients reach for their wallets
  3. Media will tell you whatever you want to hear as long as you’re looking at the right metrics: reach reach and more reach (Aka Spend More Money)


  1. Analytics will get in the most minute details and claim that because there is an influx of users to this one page between the hours of 2am-4am we need to do more of whatever is on that page right away.
  2. And the account team will always be there making sure the clients voice is heard

But for some reason, everyone always claims that without their discipline’s input none of this would have happened?



Is that true? I would venture to say both Yes and no.

When working on a team all of these pieces and parts matter.

Sometimes it is the creative that may be hitting cleanup, while at other times Analytics are called to take the game winning shot. The key to this whole scenario isn’t who leads the team; it’s that the team matters most.

Recently an underdog team aligned to create an eye-opening campaign for an unlikely challenger brand, Kumho Tire, during one of the biggest events in the U.S. – the 2015 NBA All Star Game. Kumho Tire produced their most impactful campaigns to date: “Prove Your Move”. By allowing the agency to partner to create a smart and impactful consumer centric campaign.

This campaign creatively speaks for itself. But what is truly amazing is the behind the scenes exchanges that occurred to bring this to life.

Roles were clearly defined from the outset but collaboration was clearly encouraged.

Egos were regularly checked and rechecked.


Creative was constantly put through the ringer to stress test how it would play out to the public at large.

The results speak for themselves:

Best performing campaign for Kumho Tire USA Ever. The agency of today has to have all of these pieces and a great bench to back up every discpline.