Drama is a spectacle. It’s pain and conflict. Drama breeds fans because people want to climb up inside it and live there.

Remember reading James and the Giant Peach in 3rd grade and wondering what it would be like to live in that peach, floating at sea? We are all born with a desire to be part of something larger. We all want to be beckoned aboard.


For us, dramatic storytelling is our North Star. We show up every day to come up with the most dramatic way to tell stories, introduce a product and, in general, make fans spend time, energy and money telling other fans about our clients.

Advertising agencies can sometimes make the solution more complicated than it needs to be. And the formula is deceptively simple. Brands need fans. Fans create chatter. Chatter moves product and creates revenue. The end.

But how do you get fans? Authenticity? Yes. Relevance? Sure. Lots of us have decks full of buzzwords like these.

But we can also start in a different place. Every business has a challenge. And for every business challenge, there is a creative solution.

So we start by playing with the product. And where we end…it’s often digital. It’s often social. And it’s often some event. But regardless of the form it takes, it always involves two things: One, connecting with humans’ desire to be part of something larger. And two, dramatic storytelling that delivers on that desire.

– JM

John McMahon is the President and Creative Director for brands at Art Machine

We love our mantra about brands and fans. Even better is when a client has it up on the board when we arrive. Above, written by Kate Hilliard of the LA Zoo, as we walked into our first onboarding sessions.